Mr. EOG Won't Trick Me!

We’re not letting Mr. Eviiiil EOG trick us!

By adding villains, strategy shields, and encouraging the students to be passage heroes we've made preparing for our EOG (end of grade) testing next week a little more fun! Check out the strategies we're using so "Mr. EOG won't Trick Me!" A new one we've been practicing is pretending to love the subject of the sometimes dull passages. Students have been cracking each other up with their "fake" enthusiasm for the passages - and they've been doing better! Their sweet smiles make my day! :) 

What are your students’ favorite test taking strategy? Click HERE to grab a free copy of strategy shields for your students! :) 


5 de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Webquest

Today we spent our literacy block becoming reporters to uncover the truth and correct misconceptions about Cinco de Mayo. The students loved this webquest and creating videos! 

Check out this free for followers webquest here! Usually $2 in my TPT store. This is the PDF to go along with it as well, enjoy! 

The videos will be posted on my classroom site! :) 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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