3 Reasons You Should be a Teacherpreneur

3 Reasons You Should be a Teacherpreneur

1. You CAN do it. Yes, you.
Have you ever wondered how teachers made such amazing resources to sell online? Do you want to make the switch from teacher to teacherpreneur? The secret is out of the bag, and Kayse Morris can walk you through the process step-by-step, all you need to get your teacherpreneur journey started is PowerPoint.

As teachers we hold our students to high expectations and provide them the steps they need to get there. Kayse embodies this teacher mentality through her course and BEYOND. She lays out every detail (plus invaluable tips and tricks) over her 7 week “Transform Your Resources” course. After 7 weeks the course may be finished, but Kayse isn’t! She continually checks on our progress, mentors us, and helps us reach our goals. I immediately enrolled in her monthly coaching program, The CEO Teacher, because once you start learning from Kayse, you will never want to stop.

You're already an expert at teaching your students. You're already creating and analyzing resources to use in your classroom daily. Why not share them with the world and enjoy the financial bonus?

2.  Becoming a teacherpreneur will reignite your passion for teaching.

Feeling burnt out? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? I hear you, in fact, I almost quit teaching...numerous times.

That was until I found the amazing community of teacher-authors (teacherpreneurs) on TeachersPayTeachers. I started my business in 2015, although I wasn't calling it my business back then. After stressful days at school it was an amazing creative outlet, and I became part of a POSITIVE like-minded teacher community - with teachers who LOVED teaching. It was exactly what my soul needed.

That fire was ignited again this past fall when I joined Kayse’s “Transform Your Resources” course. Kayse’s unfailing and grounding belief in me gave me the confidence I needed to see my business as exactly that, my business. In a terrifyingly wonderful way Kayse has pushed me to be better and do better than I ever thought possible. I'm a better teacherpreneur, wife, mom, friend, and teacher. The happiness, creativity, and excitement I’m using in my business flows into my classroom and into my students. Our Facebook group takes positive supportive tribe to a new level, in our businesses, classrooms, and life. These women are killing it and we’d love to support you on your teacherpreneur journey too!

3.  Becoming a teacherpreneur will allow you to never stress over your finances again.

Kayse gives you the skills to make your teacherpreneur business whatever YOU want it to be. It doesn't happen overnight, but if you want it, you can make it happen. What would you love to spend your extra income on?

-Cute Classroom Decor
-Your Child's Hobbies
-New Car
-Pay Off Student Loans/Debt
-Take Your Family on Amazing Vacations
-Double Your Teaching Salary...and stay home with your little ones

Whatever just came to mind, it can happen. If you’re interested in making the transformation from teacher to teacherpreneur download Kayse’s 10 step guide on how to get started, you'll be so glad you did.

Why Kayse? Why Now?
Simple. Kayse is the ultimate teacherpreneur. She is the perfect mentor and business coach for teachers because she has been in the exact place you and I are. She is all about serving her people, and boy does she have that mastered. It doesn't matter if you've never created a resource before or if you're a veteran teacherpreneur. Kayse meets you where you are and is skilled at tailoring material to your exact need. You can check out her top ranking business teacherprenuer podcast, the "Go-Getter Podcast" here.
Have questions?
I’d love to chat and share more about my teacherpreneur journey with you. Teaching, like life, was never meant to be done solo. Join our tribe to chase your BIG dreams, make that side income (or crush your teaching salary- your choice!), and impact teachers all around the world.  You can find me on instagram @teachingtolove or email me at

Beating Holiday Stress - Fun & Engaging Activities for November & December

Does anyone else find themselves caught in between holiday excitement and sheer exhaustion this time of year? November and December fly by, and I'm ready to channel student excitement into learning better than ever!
Here are some of the fun things we're up to!  (Sneak peak in pictures below.) 
  • We've been all about practicing kindness and building our attitudes of gratitude. 
  • Our room is decorated with thankful turkeys and personalized word problem turkeys.
  • Our math and ELA centers are Thanksgiving themed.
To simplify your planning this week you can grab November activities here.
  • We love all things snowman! It's a great winter subject that all of my students can enjoy. Their favorite activity is to make a "snowman puddle" craft story (see below).
  • A great attention getter for any lesson is to pose a question and have students record their answer on a sheet of paper and crumple it into a ball. Students then have a "snowball" fight where they toss their paper on the floor and everyone has to pick up someone else's snowball. They read and write a response to the new snowball they choose, then repeat as many times as fits your lesson.
  • Candy cane geometry - you bet we snack on candy canes while we work :) Super simple to add a treat and excitement to any lesson.
  • Our math & ELA centers are winter themed too! I love to stock up on Target's dollar spot erasers then swap them out for new ones each week. They can't wait to get to their rotations and see their new erasers. 
To save time and engage your students grab December activities here.
Happy teaching! 
Shannon from Teaching to Love

The Power of Yet

It was during a math lesson when 4 of my students instantly claimed they were stuck, and yet had only given a single hurried attempt at the activity without. even. reading. the. directions.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me crazy. I wanted problem solving, independent, growth-minded students. Looking around, I knew my students weren’t at that place, but I knew they could be.

Holiday Gifts for Students

Teaching is always busy, and December is no exception. Does anyone else feel like the year is flying by and you’re just trying to catch your breath?  Despite my ever growing checklist I absolutely love December, absolutely love Christmas, and absolutely love the gift of giving.

Each year, my goal is to give my students a heartfelt gift before sending them off for the holidays. Here is a top 10 collection of tried and true holiday gift ideas that your students are sure to love. 

1 - Snowman Soup

This is one of my favorite go-to gift ideas from Ashley Schroeder. You put together hot cocoa, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and a candy cane (the stirring stick - so cute right?), plus an adorable note she includes for free! (Click here for your copy.) Snowman soup has been done a ton of different ways and easily adapts to fit your budget. 

#Bestyearever Back to School Giveaway!

Looking to build community and start your school year off on the right foot? I've teamed up with six other wonderful teachers to bring you some amazing back to school resources for FREE! We want to help you have the #BestSchoolYearEver! Simply follow the rafflecopter link below, for each "follow" you will get one entry towards winning this fabulous package!

What's will you win?! Click each image to see more!

Build classroom community daily with Cait's Cool School's Question of the Day!

End of Year Tips & Gift Card Giveaway!

The end of the school year can be h-e-c-t-i-c! Here are some fun ideas to keep you sane and happy!

Earth Day Ideas!

Earth Day is officially tomorrow, April 22nd, and we’ve been celebrating all week. J Read alouds, experiments, craftivities…!
Here’s what we’ve been up to! 

(free ideas, favorite books and resources)

Flexible Seating


The Why

As soon as I heard about flexible seating I knew I wanted to give it a try! I’m thrilled that you’re here and interested in improving your students’ learning via flexible seating! This has been a game-changer in my classroom and I can’t wait for it to transform your room too. It can be intimating and a bit overwhelming to consider, but you won’t regret it! 

Why We Ate Insects During Writing

Why We ATE INSECTS During Writing!

Last year my co-worker and I noticed a need for substantial and meaningful opinion writing topics. We were tired of reading cats vs dogs, the battle of school uniforms, or that there should be longer lunches. Sound familiar?

Here’s how we're keeping it fun and exciting. 

Class Egg Hunt

Class Egg Hunt


Y’all…this is one of my most successful and fun review activities that we do each year! Remember the excitement of hunting for eggs in your home? Well we’re bringing that fun to school!

Here’s how I set up my class egg hunt!

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