Why We Ate Insects During Writing

Why We ATE INSECTS During Writing!

Last year my co-worker and I noticed a need for substantial and meaningful opinion writing topics. We were tired of reading cats vs dogs, the battle of school uniforms, or that there should be longer lunches. Sound familiar?

Here’s how we're keeping it fun and exciting. 

Class Egg Hunt

Class Egg Hunt


Y’all…this is one of my most successful and fun review activities that we do each year! Remember the excitement of hunting for eggs in your home? Well we’re bringing that fun to school!

Here’s how I set up my class egg hunt!


March Madness Trashketball

Looking for a fun way to review math this March? Is March Madness taking over your classroom? 

Roll with it! Play March Madness Trashketball!

Trashketball is a class favorite this year. Here's how to play:


St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours! 

I hope you have a fun day planned, here’s a sneak peek into our class activities today…

Reading: While reading Fiona’s Luck (amazing March read aloud!) students will snack on these gold Oreo coins! Check out how to make them below. You can grab the cute teacher notes here for free.

We just started learning about the differences between drama, poetry, and prose. Since we’re reading a prose today I created this freebie to go along with it. Click the picture to download a copy!

Together we’ll go through each element of prose:
-point of view

After discussing the elements and story we’re going to create 3 sided shamrock decorations that review theme, plot (summary), and the characters. We’ll hang them around the doors and bulletin board up front!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

I don't know if y'all love this week as much as me, but I am nothing but smiles when it comes to Read Across America Week. Crazy hair day, dressing up, special treats for the kids, and a major focus on READING. YES, please! 
  Today we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by dressing us as characters from a book. We had volunteer Cat in the Hats come read us Dr. Seuss stories while we enjoyed some themed treats! They were super easy to make and the kids went crazy for them. Check out the recipes below!

Truffula Tree Cupcakes: 
-Regular vanilla cupcake recipe-Buttercream frosting with green food dye-Colored fun toothpicks from party city-Twisty marshmallows from Walmart

One Fish Two Fish Cupcakes:

-Regular chocolate cupcake recipe

-Buttercream frosting  with blue food die-Colored Goldfish crackers from Walmart
-Sprinkles from Walmart

Green Eggs:                                              
 -Vanilla pudding          
 -Green food dye                                         
 -Added vanilla wafer cookie right before serving

One of my students from last year stopped by to show me her costume!


How did your class celebrate?

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