Back to it!

This holiday season is going by so quickly! It's been wonderful to be home enjoying family, friends, and all of the snow! Despite l-o-v-i-n-g my time off I'm getting excited to go back and use all of the wonderful products I bought and created over break too!

One project that I just finished updating is my Boggle letter freebie. I saw this idea all over pinterest last year and fell in love! I'm going to introduce this engaging game to my students our first week back. Last year my students did it as a literacy center and after I rotated it out they begged for it back. Annnd as a teacher we all love when students beg for educational activities! ;) Then, for the rest of the year we used it as a weekly challenge that I posted on my door. After a few weeks the other classes got in on it to and we did a grade level challenge. Winner was rewarded by a lunch with the teacher of choice and friends :) I'm hoping my kiddos this year take to it as much as my class last year did.

You can download a free copy of it below!

Other than starting up new activities we'll be taking a step back to practice: procedures, procedures, procedures! (Don't you get sick of hearing that by the end of the year?)

I've been using these reward coupons that the kids love all year but will be using them with more frequency once we're back!  I'm hoping that by handing them out more abundantly will help catch any of those off task behaviors.

You can snag a free copy of my reward coupons here!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break!


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