5 for Friday annnd the winners are... !

Engineering Week - one of the most fun, yet exhausting weeks of the school year for us! The 4th grade challenge was, "Lighting the Lighthouse." They had to engineer a lighthouse that met certain criteria.

We spent all week planning, designing, creating, testing, and improving our lighthouses. It was exhausting but SO incredibly rewarding. The students gain so much from this week and the collaborative projects. Thursday their families, community members, and news crew always come to watch their tests.  As you can imagine the school was buzzing!! Then on Friday real engineers come in and help them improve their designs. So much hard work went into their projects & I couldn't have been more proud of them! J Here are some photos! 


One of my best friends is having her bridal shower this weekend! We met through teaching in Spain. Because of our fun connection my gift is Spain themed and has fun Sangria recipes for us to try this summer! (or this weekend…)  

My friend & I are going to do the rock & roll half marathon this fall!! It will by my 3rd half and our 2nd half together!

I went a little crazy shopping the last 2 days at the TPT sale! But I got so many cute things that I can't wait to start using!! My kids have been struggling with fractions and loving board games recently so I bought these and am going to start creating today!! Hopefully their faces light up on Monday :) 
Two of my favorite sellers: Creative Clips & Fun for Learning!
Game Boards Galore {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}Fraction Clipart Megabundle!

My first giveaway ended last night at midnight and I'm excited to announce that the winners of our Spring into Learning Giveaway are:

K-2 Heather Schumaker

3-5 Kelly Rathbun

Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated!! We hope you and your students enjoy your amazing new products! 

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