Spreading Kindness Freebie!

After a wonderful and rejuvenating spring break this week I headed back to school! J  As much as I loved our break,  I was ready to see my kiddos again.  My boyfriend and I played in an ultimate Frisbee tournament in San Diego after visiting friends in Phoenix – so much fun! Already excited to head back again next year!

Spending time with loved ones always puts me in a reflective mood, and when I came across this video I just had to share it!! As any teacher does, I adore the small ah-ha moments when everything clicks for students. Even more that that though  I love, love, love watching students grow into their personalities. Helping students develop empathy,  kindness,  and how to have a compassionate heart is my passion. 

This touching video was a perfect way to welcome the kids back and review classroom community!  I melted watching their reactions J Their little hearts are so precious. After watching we did this writing activity.  Click here to download it for free! 



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