Class Egg Hunt

Class Egg Hunt


Y’all…this is one of my most successful and fun review activities that we do each year! Remember the excitement of hunting for eggs in your home? Well we’re bringing that fun to school!

Here’s how I set up my class egg hunt!

1-        Buy plastic eggs (head on over to every teachers life saver…the dollar store!) I spent about $3 on 48 eggs.
2-        Print and cut the egg task cards
3-        Fold each strip into an egg
4-        Hide the eggs outside (or inside)
5-        Send students out with pencils, clipboards, and their answer key!

*Ideally, I love to hide the eggs outside, but if weather or time doesn't permit and outdoor egg hunt they work wonderfully in the classroom as well! One year we even used our media center, sometimes we need to get creative. J

At the end of the day my students could not have loved the activity more. They were begging to play again, and instead of reviewing the same topic I decided to make a poetry set for the egg hunt! They helped me fill the eggs and we played again the next morning.

Students that beg me to learn? Yes, please! 

Simple, fun,  and engaging – What’s not to love!?


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