Love is in the Air!

I'm missing my kiddos today as we are on our 2nd snow day this week and tomorrow has already been cancelled. Being a northern girl born and raised I'm continually amused at the difference in qualifications for "snow" days.  Check out the meme at the bottom (ignore the poor grammar) -sooo funny! :) 

I'm looking forward to sharing all their Valentine gifts with them come Monday though! Today's post is all about appreciating our profession...there's so much that makes my heart "melt" about teaching. Here's just a few reasons:

* The little hugs in the morning, throughout the day, and after school!
*Their giggles and laughter, love having fun w.them
*The HILARIOUS things that they say! I keep a book in my desk of all those silly moments.
* Watching their personalities grow
*Seeing that "accomplished" feeling in their eyes when they exceed their expectations!
*Of course the "ah-ah moments!"
*Learning from THEM! I have grown so much as a person since starting my journey as a teacher.
*Supporting them :) I work at a school where the students don't always have someone outside of school whose constantly in their corner backing them up. I love that my kiddos know whether it's their art fair, holiday race, choir concert, etc. that I'll be there to cheer them on.  Here's one of my sweets and I doing a 5k together.
 *SNOW DAYS...going on 6 which is a 1st in my life, but enjoying every one!
*Collaborating with my team -- couldn't ask for a better group of educators! It's easy to get bogged down but they're ALWAYS laughing, joking, and keeping the focus on what's important.
*Sweet notes that my little ones write (making all those tough days worth it!)


What makes your heart "melt" about being a teacher?

(Here's the meme as promised )
Photo: A little humor in the middle of our worst winter in years! Stay strong West Orange, NJ and let's make sure to check on the elderly and neighbors in need. #WOhelps

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