Random Acts of Kindness Secret Agent Style!

   M I S S I O N  P O S S I B L E

What better time to post about spreading kindness and love than Valentines! This random acts of kindness activity is a HUGE hit in my room every year. It's transforms students into secret agents (of kindness)!


 Students watch this PHENONMENAL video about spreading kindness and then are challenged to become secret agents. As an agent their job is to perform random acts of kindness in our classroom without getting caught. They love sneaking around doing kind activities, and having others do nice things for them! Here are some pictures of our MISSION POSSIBLE envelopes, the students opening them, finding their special pens, and reading their secret missions...messages will not self destruct ;)

The first time I introduce this activity I have it last 1 week. After that our class will do it once a quarter :) I've had other teachers use the activity and have it last the entire month of February/November/December. It's easily adaptable and works wonders on building my classroom community each time. Seeing the students engaged and BEGGING to help each other brightens my day like few things do! New friendships are made and students see each other in a different light.

Students find their own cozy space to read their debriefings!  



This is the video I introduce the activity with - it sends such a strong message!
(Teacher Suggestion: I always embed videos onto our classroom website so there's no chance of inappropriate advertisements!)


  1. Thanks for linking up. I love the video. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a really fun and cute way to help kids see the importance of caring. :)

    1. Thanks so much! My students adore this activity week! :)


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