Five for Friday!

With extra planning time I've almost finished my "African American Heroes - Black History Month ELA Activity Pack."
Final step: Picking a cover design.
Which cover do you like better?


I was chosen Teacher of the Month for Carolina Navigators Relationships Around the World program this month!!

 Number 3: We've had 3 Snow days this week!


 Tuesday I was able to attend an AMAZING conference hosted by the blog author Lori Elliott of Lori's Latest Links! My favorite app she shared is called Educreations!!!!! I cannot wait to start using this in my classroom. It's going to completely change how my students show me they understand content. It's a FREE app and works on ipads, ipods, and computers!  Above is what the app looks like and it's uses area limitless! and this app will help simplify that!
The second app that I loved was instaGrok!  It helps pull research information for students. Finding appropriate information is almost always a struggle for my kiddos and this will be a big help.

  <-- What the app looks like when you're searching for it.


  1. I like the yellow cover best. I'm so envious of all the snow days everyone else has been having - we have a drought going on here, and weather forecasts calling for temps in the 70s next week!

    1. I do too :) It's bright and fun! I appreciate that white would save more ink though :/ Tough call. Maybe I'll keep the yellow as the title cover but include a cute, ink friendly cover for printing.

      As much as I enjoyed the down time to relax and create from our snow days, I won't lie...temps in the 70s sounds amazing! :) Hopefully your spring break is coming up soon though and you'll get to relax then!

  2. Ahhhh--thanks so much for sharing Educreations!! I've heard a bit about it from professors, but never from a classroom teacher. SO glad to know that you love it! Also, I can't decide which cover!! Both are really cute and catch the eye--sorry that I am no help.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Little Miss Primary

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You're welcome!! I was seriously so excited to learn about it :) Our school has 1-1 ratio for student ipods, lots of laptops, and teacher ipads -which is amazing and I love! but it can be hard to find the right apps and tools to use with them that don't take forever to teach the kids how to use. This one is so simple and will really allow me to maximize my time to teach, their time to create, and include great technology! I'm going to have them use it Tuesday for math presentations! I'll try and figure out how to post one on here after they create :)


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