Using Parent Volunteers in the Classroom


It's been a week since summer vacation has started for us and while I find myself wondering how my kiddos are doing I AM THRILLED that it's summer!! It was a long year and I am finally starting to gain back energy and feel like a human again!

I'm not spending every second working on school (although let's be real - it's Saturday morning and as soon as I get back from Zumba I'm posting and planning for next year haha). Really though, I can drink as much water as I want because I can actually use the restroom, etc. etc!  It really is the little things in life, come on teachers you know you can relate ;) 

My summer vacation is going to be short and sweet because I'm transferring from a traditional caldendar school to a year round school. Meaning...Meet the Teacher is 5 days away! WOAH! To stay on point though, last year I had one volunteer all year. Every single field trip it was my entire class and me. It was like this across our grade level! Pretty crazy. Needless to say, there was no extra help during the school year either. 

My new school has very involved parents - can you say YAY!? I'm so looking forward to it!! It will be a big adjustment for sure but one that I'm excited to get started with.

From talking with other teachers I've heard that a great way to organize a schedule is to use SignUp Genius. It seems easy peasy and sends out a reminder e-mail to the parents of when they signed up for! 

Here are some ways that I'd like to have the parents help us: 
*Do read aloud
*Work with small groups math or literacy
*Copy, cut, laminate items

I realize this is vague and short - which is why I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any thoughts, ideas, and to hear how you utilize parent volunteers in your classroom!! 

How do you utilize parent volunteers in your classroom? I’m dying to know! :)

Thanks blogger friends!! Have a great rest of your weekend! 

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