The Bigger Picture

We finally finished up our End of Grade (EOGs) testing. The kids were exhausted, I was exhausted, and we needed a little pick me up! Pharrell Williams started us off as we did a dance line around the room to HAPPY - the line leader choose the dance move and we all did what they did :)

After getting some sillies out I could tell some students still had lingering stress from the test. In the whirlwind of testing it's easy to lose sight of what's important.

Not wanting my kiddos to be upset I knew I had to take advantage of this "teachable moment." I started off by asking what are the most important things in life? Not a single student said tests, assessments, or scores, are you surprised? Of course not.  In pairs students came up with 1 thing in life that's truly important to them and then wrote it on our easel. 

 Our discussion encompassed that yes, we will always do our best on tests. However, we also know that a big test at the end of each year isn't why we go to school, it can't define us as people, and it won't be the reason we have a happy life or not. We spent a while discussing their goals and dreams in life, how they were going to get there, and what their dream was for the world. 

Students finished our lil discussion by writing notes to loved ones that they appreciated and creating signs that we hung up in our room. The signs depicted what they want their career to be and how they're going to change the world for the better with whatever they choose to do in life :) Here's a lil glimpse into their work. 

Probably my favorite sign of the day - such a big heart!
 …and this little sweetie made my day for obvious reasons :)

Easier said than done: I hope that as you and your students finish up the year you take time to remember what's important in life and not let the stresses of tests take away the fun that school should be! :) 


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