Happy Summer 5 for Friday!


I had “Meet the Teacher” already for my new school last night! (I'm switching from a traditional calendar to a year round school).  The families and students were amazing, I'm excited for these sweet kiddos! Here are my stations I had ready for them  really happy how they turned out! 

I've been on instagram for maybe a month now? Not sure exactly - and I am LOVING it! After a year of hesitation towards joining I finally decided just to do it. Couldn't be happier that I did! (If you're on the fence like I was, do it!) If you have instagram, I'd love to follow you and if you're interested you can follow me at Teach2Love_inspire (someone already had Teach2Love!).  

How perfect will these be for task cards?!?! Only $12 for 6 at the Container Store - sale through August she said! You can also get 12 slots for only $20. After I see my classroom and have things set up further I plan on returning to purchase the larger one as well! I have too many sets of task cards to keep them all organized this way. My thought was to put these at a center with the most relevant task cards and swap them out as we cover different standards. How would you use these?

My best friend flew in from Phoenix last night!! Cannot wait to spend the next few days with her!!! My boyfriend picked her up while I was meet the teacher. She brought me this aaaa.dorable framed picture of Spain. We met teaching abroad so we share a love for all things Spanish! I might take it to my classroom as my whole house is filled with memorabilia from my time there. ;)  (The pic didn't turn out as fabulous as it truly is!) 

Where I left my heart!

Budapest Adventures
Sampling deliciousness in London
Reunited in NC!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ohhhh.  Guilty.
Story of my summer... Anyone else? :) 


  1. Wow, meet the teacher already. I just started summer. I can't wait to hear how the year round school works for you.
    A Rill Classroom


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