St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours! 

I hope you have a fun day planned, here’s a sneak peek into our class activities today…

Reading: While reading Fiona’s Luck (amazing March read aloud!) students will snack on these gold Oreo coins! Check out how to make them below. You can grab the cute teacher notes here for free.

We just started learning about the differences between drama, poetry, and prose. Since we’re reading a prose today I created this freebie to go along with it. Click the picture to download a copy!

Together we’ll go through each element of prose:
-point of view

After discussing the elements and story we’re going to create 3 sided shamrock decorations that review theme, plot (summary), and the characters. We’ll hang them around the doors and bulletin board up front!

Writing: Students will compose a short piece on if they would rather have luck or wits, and why. We’ll post their writing on decorated construction paper and post them in the hall.

Math: We are playing SCOOT with these monster themed St. Patty’s Day task cards! (grab them here)

There are 24 cards that cover:
-Story P
-1 digit by 2 digits
-1 digit by 3 digits
-1 digit by 4 digits
-2 digits by 2 digits 


How to make Delicious Gold Oreo Coin Cookies!

First, I bought mint Oreos and gold Color Mist spray. I got 2 cans of the spray from Michaels with a coupon for around $7. 

Lay down paper towel, spread the cookies out, and spray! After a few minutes flip the cookies over and give the other side a coating. 

  These are mine dried and stacked, waiting to be bagged up for the kiddos! 

FREE cute St. Patty's Day labels. You can hand these out as is, with a pencil, staple to a bag of treats, etc! 

Finished product, ready to go! 

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