March Madness Trashketball

Looking for a fun way to review math this March? Is March Madness taking over your classroom? 

Roll with it! Play March Madness Trashketball!

Trashketball is a class favorite this year. Here's how to play:

1) Divide students into teams. 
2) Set a trash can in the front of the room
3) Use masking tape on the floor to create a "1 point line," "2 point line," and a "3 point line." Students will stand behind these lines when shooting.
4) The teacher reads/posts the math problem and each team works together to solve the problem. 
5) The teams will alternate sharing their answer first, if the team who is "shooting" gets it right they get to shoot for points. If they answer incorrectly the opposing team will get a change to share their answer. If they're correct then they will get to shoot for

points. Students choose which line they'd like to shoot from.

Allowing teams to “steal” the point ensures that everyone is engaged and solving the problem.

It's called trashketball because you're throwing a ball of trash (typically crumpled paper - I add some tape around it)  into the trash can. 

Simple, fun, engaging review – done! 



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